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kitchen tile backs splash and floor in Houston TX
Kitchen room interior with tile back splash trim and tile floor

Affordable Tile Work in Houston

When it comes to quality tile work in Houston, TX and areas Houston Tile Contractors are the top rated tile experts in Houston. We pride ourselves on providing top quality work in tile, slate, marble, stone and terrazzo. Our years of experience, attention to detail, and accuracy in budget considerations, has resulted in extreme customer satisfaction in both residential and commercial tile construction in Houston, TX . It is what we’ve built our reputation on. Whatever your needs in tile, we’ve probably done it before. Give us a call for a hassle-free quote and let our team of experts help you get the best in tile construction for your home or business in the Houston, TX area.

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Studies from various reputable trade groups bear out repeatedly, the superior benefits and life cycle that tile offers. In a forty year cost-to-life cycle study indicates that compared to sheet vinyl or carpet, porcelain and quarry tile is 60-70% the cost, and terrazzo as being a third to one-half the cost. Given its superior qualities of longevity and durability, porcelain, ceramic, quarry and terrazzo tile should be given consideration in any commercial or residential construction project.

Commercial Tile

commercial tile walls and counter tops with terrazzo floors
Tile walls and counter with terrazzo floors

Houston Tile Contractors has extensive experience in large and small commercial tile work. Be it flooring, walls, bathrooms or entrance ways we are the one to call when you have a commercial project in Houston, TX or surrounding areas. We have years of experience in all types of commercial tile, slate, marble, rock, glass and terrazzo for the following and more:

  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Municipal buildings
  • Country clubs
  • Retail Establishments
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Pools

and have done some of the most technically difficult work in the Houston, TX area. Our team has decades of combined commercial tile construction experience. So, if you need top quality work done on commercial or civic project give us a call for a hassle-free quote.

Residential Tile

bathroom with tile floor, tile wall, and tile shower
Bathroom with tile wall , floor, trim and tile shower

When it’s your home, it’s gotta be done right. Houston Tile Contractors is the King of residential tile in the Houston TX area, so let us help you with your tile, stone, marble or slate floors, walls, shower back splash. Or, maybe your looking to enhance and beautify your outdoor space such as a tile patio or pool deck. Tile offers almost unlimited color and design options, allowing you to customize any area of your home or outdoor space. Whatever your desire, our team of expert craftsmen can help you fulfill your dreams in an existing home or in new home construction. Because we use only quality materials and employ a crew of top experts, you can have peace of mind knowing you received the best quality possible for your home.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is typically made from red or white clay mixed with sand, fired at a high temperature. Liquid glaze is then added and it’s fired again. Ceramic tile has numerous applications in residential and commercial building for numerous reasons. 

It’s become one of the most popular types of flooring used in modern construction because of the advantages it offers, including:

  • durability
  • wear resistance
  • color permanence
  • ease of cleaning
  • easier to cut than porcelain tile

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile has many of the same qualities and versatility as ceramic tile, but because of its higher density and low water absorption, porcelain tile is better for most the following applications:

  • bathtub,
  • sink
  • showers
  • counter tops
  • pools

Porcelain tile, like ceramic, is very durable and low maintenance. In addition, porcelain tile offers almost limitless color and design combinations. If you would like to tile an area that endures water or frequent moisture then a porcelain application is typically the way to go.

Glass Tile

Glass tiles are made from thin pieces of glass with translucent glaze fired onto the back of each tile. They’re sold either individually or in designed mosaic patterns set on a mesh backing.


  • Unmatched beauty: The translucence and endless color varieties of glass arguably make it the most beautiful, contemporary-looking backsplash material you can choose. The tiles reflect the light to give your kitchen or bath the appearance of being brighter and larger.
  • Easy to clean: Grime and splashes are easy to wipe off glass tiles with a little soapy water or all-purpose cleaner. Also, mold and mildew don’t readily grow on glass.
  • Zero water absorption: Glass is impervious to water with an absorbency rate of 0% (compared to ceramic, which has an absorbency rate of 0.5% to 3%).
  • Eco-friendly: Many glass tiles are made of recycled materials. Even if not, they are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Glass tiles also take about half the energy required to produce ceramic tiles.


  • More expensive: Glass tiles are extremely popular though they are the most expensive mainstream backsplash material available today.
  • Professional installation is a must: Because glass is translucent, the adhesive is visible through the tiles. Achieving a professional-looking result is difficult if you attempt DIY glass tile installation.


Terrazzo is a composite material, used for floors and wall treatments. It is typically composed of pieces of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other materials and is poured in with a binder in place or precast. Terrazzo is a fantastic material for commercial flooring and other uses, as it has the lowest maintenance costs of any floor finish and provides for limitless design and color combinations. When your project calls for the unique beauty and long term durability terrazzo provides, you should consider it for your home, business or civil project.

Locations We Service

Houston Tile Contractors provides tile installation and repair services in: Houston, Richmond, Sugarland, Katy, Pearland, The Woodlands, Pasadena, Spring, Humble, League City, Tomball and surrounding areas. If you want top-quality tile work, we are your local hometown experts! So give us a call: (281) 729-6589