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Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

Porcelain tile in living room
Tile floor in Houston area

Porcelain and Ceramic, Beautiful, Affordable, Durable

Ceramic and porcelain tile have become a mainstay of modern flooring in both residential and commercial settings. Because of their similarities, they are often thought of as the same, though porcelain, being more dense, lends itself better to outdoor applications than does ceramic. The use of tile has risen over the years because of it’s beauty, ease of cleaning maintenance and its durability. In addition, it offers the ability to totally customize a project, using varying colors and designs. let us give you a free, no-hassle quote (281) 729-6589

Coppell Concrete Contractors can form customized concrete floors and more, from thin stamped concrete overlays that mimic the authentic look of stone, brick and slate to splatter texture finishes that create an elegant but useful non-slip finish. When it comes to finishing concrete in Coppell or the DFW area, we’re the masters of stained concrete and custom flooring finishes where the only real limit is your imagination.